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3 Levels of Benefits


How often do you trigger emotional responses with your content?

Because here’s the thing…

We’re all emotional creatures, no matter how much we like to explain away our decisions are logical. 

And we’re driven by three different levels of benefits.

This model I am about to show you I learnt from a savvy dude named Michael Fishman. So all credit goes to him. It’s a simple framework on the surface but boy oh boy – it has endless depth!

Here are the 3 levels of benefits…

1 – Will Tell Benefits

First, we have the Will Tell benefits that we speak openly about. For example, we go to the gym to lose weight. That’s a benefit that everyone sees. These are benefits that have some degree of emotional appeal, but not very powerful. 

2 – Won’t Tell Benefits

Next, we have Won’t Tell benefits. These are more emotionally driven and speak to the mammalian brain. These are much more potent benefits than “will tell” benefits. They more directly drive human behaviour. 

And they do so further beneath the surface. 

They’re also the benefits we won’t readily admit to other people but sometimes in the quiet of night to ourselves. 

Example: the middle aged single male who buys the red convertible to meet women. 

3 – Can’t Tell Benefits

Lastly, we have Can’t Tell benefits. These benefits trigger survival instincts for both emotional and physical well-being. A Can’t Tell benefit may be the newly divorced man who doesn’t advertise his new status. He knows he’s not advertising his status but can’t precisely explain why. 

We are ALL emotional creatures. But the architecture of that emotion varies depending on:

  1. Sophistication of the audience
  2. The nature of the desire/problem
  3. State of mind in a given moment
  4. Culture

And more…

This is why this 3 part framework is so potent. So don’t let its simplicity fool you – academic disciplines (such as Humanities) are all about the nature of people and culture!

And that, ultimately, is what this framework is about.


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