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Getting Leads from Content


Does this scenario sound familiar?

You have awesome content ideas and a great writing team. The finished piece is flawless, but no one’s knocking down your door.

So, how do you get leads from content and see results quickly?

I have an answer for you…

And it’s so simple.  

Please pay attention. 

This is out of the playbook of a company that is “killing” it with sales leads from content. I mean, they have leads coming in hand over fist. 

Check it out…

Once someone likes or comments on a piece of content, a virtual assistant sends that person a private message. 

And if they respond to that private message, they’re hand balled to an actual salesperson to get them onto a phone call. 

That’s it!

And like I said, drowning in leads. 

Too simple?

Yep… but it works. 

So if you’re willing to hustle, you can get ROI from content using the simplest of content strategies.


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