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Nine Word Emails


Today, I want to talk about nine-word emails.

Now, if you’ve heard me speak about these before, just hang on a sec!

I promise that if you’ve heard me speak about this before, you’re most likely not using them.

How do I know?

Well, I met with a good client and friend the other day. After a year of listening to me talk about nine-word emails and suggesting his team run them, he finally started using them.

And do you know what happened in just a few weeks?

The results are staggering. 


Every time he sends them out, he gets 150 to 250 people who respond with, “Yes, talk to me.”

This is after a year of me telling him to use those nine-word emails.

Trust me, it works. 

For example, this is how we do it:

“Do you want help with your content in [blogs, emails, social video]?”

That’s it.

You could just lob out a “Do you want help with?” type of email to your list. See what comes back.

If you’re a personal trainer, you can try:

“Are you still looking to lose weight?” or “Are you still interested in losing five kilos or more?”

It’s very basic and very simple. 

But it works.


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