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One Page Checklist


Do you like the idea of nine-word emails but want something a bit snazzier? 

Maybe something that offers value?

You can still follow the nine-word email format to get different types of engagements.

This is what we did with our client…

We created a one-page checklist on a subject that his audience wants to know about. It was a very basic checklist.

Next, we sent out an email to the list.

I’m not going to get into the exact wording we used for the client. But if I adapt it for Fubbi, it looks like this:

“Do you want a checklist on how to quickly and easily come up with content ideas?”

You can imagine adapting the question to match the client, but it’s as simple as that.

And people responded to our client.

Over 150 people saying, “Yes, I want the checklist.”

Now, the topic of this client’s checklist was a leading indicator that the responders will probably spend money with him.

So, there you have it…

He sent out a nine-word email and received potential leads for his sales team to follow up with.

What did it cost our client to send out that nine-word email?

It was pretty much free.

Even the one-page checklist for him was almost nothing.

Especially in light of receiving 150 qualified people for his sales team.


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