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Re-Targeting Your Leads


In my last couple of emails, I’ve talked to you about setting your lead costs.

Now, I’m going to add an extra little something into the equation.

Let’s say you’re running a Facebook ad campaign to a landing page. And on that landing page, you’re offering a lead magnet in return for the opt in. At the end of the funnel, you’re also going to ask them to book a discovery call.

What conversion should you expect into that discovery call?

Truthfully, you’re probably only going to get 1 out of every 10 to book in. 

And that’s on the high side. 

Meaning… at least 90% of say “no”. 

At first glance, this may seem like you need to tighten up the campaign. And don’t let me convince you otherwise. You should always do everything you can to drive down your conversion cost. 

However, the 9 out of 10 who don’t book a call are not lost leads.

Remember: you have their details thanks to your lead magnet.

That means you can re-target all of these “lost” leads via Facebook ads, YouTube and Google. 

Perhaps more important: you have their email address too! So you can send them valuable content that could lead to them booking a call weeks, or even months, later.

Remember that. 

Somewhere between 2-10 times as many people will book in a call over the next 12 months. 

So stay in front of them. 

This is why content matters so darn much!


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