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Reflecting Your Style


I had a meeting with a client the other day who raised a problem she was faced with… until we started working with her. 

This client is the face of her brand. She’s the authority that her niche trusts and she takes the responsibility seriously.

The problem was she could never find writers that could emulate her voice. 

Now, this is a particular area of expertise for me. And I have a couple of tips for anybody who’s struggling with the same problem.

First, it helps if you can provide recordings of you speaking. For example, you may have a webinar that’s killing it. Get that webinar transcribed and send it to your writers.

They can use that to pick up on specific language patterns. Plus, they’re going to become more familiar with your voice just from listening to you.

Second, provide your content writers with examples of writing that reflect your desired voice.

This gives your writers some solid examples of the tone and style that you want to use.

And finally…trial before you launch a campaign.

Have your content team write a trial article using the resources you’ve provided. You can then go back and forth on what does and doesn’t work. That trial piece can then become the model that your team bases all future articles on.


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