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Tapping into Emotion


In a previous email we talked about logic vs emotion. 

And as you know, I believe we’re all emotional creatures, no matter how logical we say we are.

In fact, even scientists are not immune to emotional decisions!

I have a few friends that are scientists… and when I probe into what motivates them to conduct research, I hear replies like:

  • “my love of science”
  • “the search for truth”
  • “my hunger to find an answer

and so on…

Look at those answers – they’re driven by emotion, right?

So, how do we use that emotion for our own purposes?

Well, there’s obvious ways to tap into emotion… and there are smart ways. 

Let me reveal a smart way…

Use the right imagery

One of the best examples I can think of is the Marlboro Man advertisements of the 20th century.

i.e. a cowboy

What does a cowboy represent?

He represents a “man’s man.” The imagery evokes strength and virility. It’s an archetype that many men drive towards – whether they’ll say it openly or not.

In the case of the Marlboro Man, the advertising copy didn’t overtly use words around “virility” or “strength”. 

It conveyed that (and more) with a symbol – a cowboy. 

That’s why those ads were so successful and powerful.


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