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Where Are You Now?


In my last email, I asked you a simple question:

What’s the goal?

You need to answer that question if you’re going to grow your business. Define the goal and remind yourself of it constantly.

But once you’ve defined the goal, you need to ask another question…

Where are you now?

This is the second question that I asked our $15 million client that I mentioned in the last email.

And there are a few reasons that you want to ask this question of yourself.

First, you want to figure out what you’re doing right now that’s working.

In my client’s case, they have a pretty solid funnel. Almost every stage of the funnel works perfectly, up until one point…

And that brings me to the second reason why you need to ask this question.

It causes you to take a closer look at your business to see what isn’t working.

In our client’s case, they really lack a presence on LinkedIn. That’s an area that they can work on to increase their lead count.

We also saw that they got their best cost per acquisition from their YouTube content. So, they’re making moves to make YouTube a bigger part of their marketing plan. 

The point I’m making is that asking “where are you now” causes you to survey your landscape. It gives you the chance to step back and see what does and doesn’t work.


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