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Worst content advice


Ok in this email I am going to set the record straight. 

There are many mistakes you can make with your content – whether it’s a video, social post, article – whatever. 

The worst mistake is simply this…

Posting the content and then doing nothing with it. 

In other words, not amplifying it. 

In different words again,publish a piece of content and just sit back and wait for that content to get results.

Honestly, it’s just silly. 

10 years ago, it was NOT so silly. Yep, you could publish a piece of content and let the wonders of organic reach get it in front of people. 

Not so anymore!

So, here’s what you should do… 

First, you need to post a great piece of content.

Then, you need to amplify it. By that, I mean you need to do something with it.

It may be that you want to run ads or cold email. Or it could mean you support the content with a killer backlinking strategy. 

But whatever you do, don’t sit on your content and expect great things to happen.

Finally, you need one more thing… 

You need a funnel.

Seems like a bit of work, I know. But the days of sitting back passively are gone.


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