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 $1 million


I want to tell you about my copywriting mentor, Parris.

Parris has one of the most enviable copywriting track records on the face of the Earth. 

How incredible?

Well, more than one, Parris has been paid over $1 million for a sales letter. 

There are only a handful of copywriters in the world that have been paid that much. 

Anyway, Parris taught me something that I’ve taken to heart. He said:

‘In your sales promos, use demonstration proof… and the best demonstration proof is content”. 

I get that this may not sound all that ground-breaking to you in this day in age of content marketing. So let me explain what I mean, because it’s as groundbreaking today as it was 10 years ago. 

Picture a 20 page sales letter selling a financial newsletter. Yes, I know 20 pages is long but it’s also very standard in my world and in Parris’ world. 

Well, at least HALF of a sales letter by Parris would have “mini-articles”. These mini-articles were laid out in break out boxes as standalone “content chunks” alongside the sales copy. And they would have genuinely amazing content. 

No selling. 

Just content. 

And the best content Parris could find in his client’s files. The sort of content his client would only ever normally reveal if he was paid a bucket load of cash. 

We’re talking about the kind of content that is so darn valuable that it can change one’s life. 

Well, as I said, HALF of Parris’ sales letters would have this kind of content. And the other half was sales copy. 

Does it work? 

Well, as I said, Parris has been paid over $1 million dollars for a sales letter. And his key secret is demonstration proof via content. 

Think about that.


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