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The Common Thread

In today’s episode, I tell four stories that share a common thread. But I won’t tell you what it is until the end. When you reach it, you’ll learn one of the most valuable lessons about content marketing that wins the game.

You’ll hear a bunch of interesting and useful things, including:

- How I created a piece of content that’s been making money for the past eight years.
- The one thing that your content must have if you want to draw people in
- How the right content can help you raise your prices

So if this sounds like something you’d like to know, listen to the podcast right now.

What You Need to Know About Content Marketing

In this podcast, I share a few things about content marketing that every business should know. I talk about my clients who are going to bring in $200k this month and what makes their business so special (if you struggle with cashflow).

Some of the most valuable things you’ll learn in this episode include:

- How to secure bucketloads of additional cash flow
- How to get multiple content types for the price of one
- How my clients draw in tons of leads and how you can do the same

If you think that your marketing game could use some stepping up, go ahead and jump into this podcast.

Getting Pressure Testing Right

In today’s episode, I talk about pressure-testing your business. I explain why it’s so important and how to do it right. I also share some of my own recent experiences with pressure-testing whilst I was in Europe for 6 weeks... and what I learned from them.

Here are some of the super-useful things you’ll learn:

- How to stop working so hard in your business
- Why business owners have trouble trusting their teams and what to do about it
- How to build a system that will let your business run itself

If this sounds interesting and you wish to learn how to make your business more independent, go ahead and listen to the podcast.

The New Platform (And My Amazing Results)

In this episode, I talk about a new platform that I’ve had massive success with. You’ll think I’m crazy when you hear what it is, so I’ll explain why I started using it and why I think you should as well.

Some amazing things that you’ll hear in the podcast include:

- How I got 319,216 video views in two weeks without spending a single dollar
- Why this platform can offer a wealth of opportunities
- How I use the platform and how you can benefit from its potential

So, if you want to learn about a new opportunity in content marketing, jump right into this podcast.

Gary V’s Secrets

In this episode of the Content Hacking Show, I talk about one of the biggest names in today’s marketing world – Gary V. I break down some of his biggest secrets to becoming a marketing beast. I also share my opinions on whether they work and how they relate to content.

Some super-useful things that you’ll learn in this podcast include:

- The ultimate purpose of the content you create
- The volume of content that you should put out
- How to play the long game and win

So if you want to take a page from the book of a marketing master, go ahead and jump into this podcast.

Why Does Authenticity Matter So Much?

In today’s episode of the Content Hacking Show, things get a bit personal. I share some of my stories and explain why brands that have their own stories are the ones absolutely smashing it out there. I also go over some of the most valuable content secrets that every marketer should use.

Here are some of the most useful things that you’ll learn in this episode:

- What is an authentic desire and why it matters
- Why a personal backstory is essential to drawing people in
- How to step up your content game by speaking to yourself

If all of this sounds appealing, go ahead and listen to the podcast.

The Evolution of Direct Response Content

In this episode, I get into some of the biggest lessons about what it takes to create killer content. I dive a bit into the history of direct response content and give some of the best examples I’ve ever heard.

Some amazing things that you’ll see here include:

- How direct response content has evolved and what it looks like now
- The three filters that each piece of your content must go through
- How you can apply this to your own content and win the game

So if this sounds exciting, go ahead and jump right into this podcast.

Peak Revenue after a Month of Working with Us

In this episode, I share the story of a client who saw their highest revenue in seven months after working with us for only one month! I dive deep into the strategies that we used and share some nuggets of wisdom that you can use as well.

Some amazing things that you’ll see here include:

- The three tenets of content hacking
- The types of content that made my client’s revenue skyrocket
- What your email subject line should look like to spark curiosity

So if you want to steal some of these great content hacking strategies, go ahead and listen to the podcast.

Building Your Business the Right Way

In this episode, I get into the power of nine-word emails. You might’ve heard me talking about them before, but have you started using them?

  Some of the most useful things that you’ll learn here include:

- Exit strategies and handing over the reins to someone else
- How to make sure things run smoothly when there are changes in your team
- How to de-risk your business from the content perspective

So if all of this sounds interesting, go ahead and jump right into the podcast.

Nine-Word Emails

In this episode, I get into the power of nine-word emails. You might’ve heard me talking about them before, but have you started using them?

  This podcast will show you how to get a ton of leads in the simplest way possible.

Here are some of the things that you’ll learn:

- How my client gets up to 200 leads every time he sends out a batch of nine-word emails
- What your emails should look like
- How to blend amazing content with nine-word emails to maximise their effect

Are you ready to leverage the power of nine-word emails to your advantage?

Jump into the podcast to learn how.

Emotions vs. Logic

In this podcast, I dive deep into one of the most important sales topics – emotions. I discuss the things that drive people to make purchase decisions and share some nuggets of wisdom that you can use.

You’ll get a chance to hear the following:

- My own experiences with the battle between emotions and logic
- How to leverage the mechanisms that influence people’s buying decisions
- The three levels of benefits that drive your audience

This is only the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much more you can learn. Listen to the podcast and find out more.

Getting Leads from Content

I did a few speaking gigs recently and had a chance to work alongside my good friend Taki Moore from Million Dollar Coach. I talked to one of his Black Belt members about all kinds of stuff that you’ll find in this podcast. Here are some of the awesome things that you’ll learn in today’s episode of The Content Hacking Podcast:  How he gets amazing results and a ton of leads from his content A 3-step framework for warming up leads and landing sales The worst content advice that you can get Go ahead and listen to the podcast if you want in on a few sales secrets.

How to Define and Achieve Your Goals

In this episode, I discuss one of the most important things in the life of a business – creating a framework for achieving your biggest goals. I share a story of a meeting I had with a client whose goal was to get to $100 million in five years.

Some of the highlights include:

- How to break down huge goals into a set of smaller ones
- Why ROI doesn’t tell the whole story about your ad performance
- Tips on creating amazing content

So if you’d like to learn about what it takes to achieve your goals, listen to the podcast and you’ll get your answers.

How Much Should You Pay for a Lead?

In this episode, I dive deep into one of the most common questions: What price should you pay for a lead? I share a real-life story involving a strategy that we developed for a client who had a very specific number in mind. 

Here are some of the things you’ll learn:

- How to combine great content with audience amplification
- What you can do to get more leads for less money
- How to get people to engage with you

  Listen to this podcast and learn the secrets to not overpaying for leads.

The Link between Content and Funnels

In this episode, I get into the unbreakable bond between the content you put out and the success of your funnel. I discuss some of the most effective ways of grabbing hot leads. I also share stories from some of my clients who got it right. 

Among the amazing things that you’ll learn include:

- How my client got 250 leads from a single email
- Why the content you send out to your audience matters
- Choosing what works for your specific model 

So if you’re hungry for new leads, go ahead and see how the simple framework presented in this podcast can do that for you.

Content Hacking for Results

In this week's edition of the Content Hacking Show, we discuss advanced (yet simple) techniques to make the most of your content.

We will show you how to create viral momentum from the start, how to repurpose your content for paid media and how to balance between content and selling.

Want to find out which marketing channel to use, or whether grammar really matters? We'll answer your pressing questions, and we will show you how to generate a 10X click-through rate with Facebook ads.

Finally, you'll learn something interesting about time poor, money rich people.

Content Hacking Show: Massive Results Edition

On this week’s Content Hacking Show, we’re discussing results. 

Stay tuned to learn how to get 601+ sales using email, and find out more about the most profitable email I’ve sent to my list in 11 years. 

Want to learn how to get a 80%+ open rate almost every time? 
I’ll show you that, too! I’m also going to tell you about the 9-word email that can get you anywhere from 5-25 sales leads every month. 

Don’t miss out on my 4 tips to build your email list fast, and how to create an email marketing plan when you’re sending more than 3.2 million emails per month. 

Finally, I’m going to tell you about the 9 best subject lines to use in your email marketing in 2019. 

Ready to take your email marketing to the next level? 
Press Play to learn more!

Content Hacking Show: How to Get Solid Results from Your Content

This week, we’re looking at how we kick off our weekly content marketing and we share the one thing that’s more important than great content. 

Ever wondered what KPIs have in common with football? Watch as I explain the types of KPIs that you can’t track and how you can keep up the energy in a business context. A business is a team, after all. 

I will explain how you can use content on social platforms to support your other lead generation activities, and how one of our clients generated a 22:1 ROI with content. On that note, find out how to get more mileage from your content.

You’ve heard people say that content is King, but I believe that only GREAT content is King. Find out why I say that in segment 7.

If there’s one thing you want to achieve with all your content, it is to generate a REACTION in your readers. Find out why Amazon and Google have captured my attention, and how you can do the same to your readers. I will also share how one of our colleagues became a leader through her content. 

So, you’ve got content, and you want a return. How to do that? I’ll explain two methods that will bring an immediate return, even if you have been in business for thirty years. 

Should you build a personal brand? Why do we sometimes fail with content? What’s the fastest way to grow a huge social following? Stay tuned for answers to your most pressing questions in this week’s episode!

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