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Fubbi officially launched in 2017.

The concept and most of our team really came together 4 years ago when our Chief Strategist, Alexi Neocleous, was the C.M.O (and, effectively, on most days, President) of a supplement company that grew from $300,000 to $3 million per month in sales - in about 6 months!

Not surprisingly, such astounding growth meant things quickly became… crazy. Almost overnight we were dealing with hundreds of support tickets… we outgrew our CRM… servers kept crashing… funnels stopped working… inventory management became a nightmare - the list went on and on.

We excelled at generating new customers, but such growth made it almost impossible to nurture and engage with our existing customer base. We could never find the time to build our community. There were holes in our content marketing and our social media efforts.

So if at the time somebody came to him with an offer such as Fubbi’s he would have taken it in a heartbeat!

Because while we were experiencing all these growing pains, we were also committed to our over $1m per month on media and generating new customers. Plus we had over 40 people in our customer support and telemarketing – and their systems still needed lots of streamlining. All of this required Alexi’s attention.

Fortunately, over the years, he had built up an absolutely amazing team of copywriters, content marketers, programmers and web designers. So he brought the “band back together” and rolled them into the supplement company.

This saved us undertaking a huge recruitment drive and never ending interviews and trial positions. It also saved us from getting distracted from areas of our business that really needed attention.

Plugging in Alexi’s team made ALL the difference.

Within weeks we had created the basis of a content machine. We started to get our message on social. We were getting sales and marketing funnels back up. We were communicating with customers better.

Because we had all worked together before, we didn’t need to go through the usual months of working out our systems and culture. We hit the ground running.

It was THIS experience that made Alexi wonder if other companies and people faced with a similar situation. Maybe not experiencing such astounding growth but where they’re busy enough running their business that they don’t have the time or resources to build out their online team.

The team we plug into your business is much of the same team that we installed into the supplement company. And since we have the experience and knowledge depth to handle absurd rates of growth, it almost certainly means we can handle any challenges your business is experiencing.

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