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$100k a Month


I recently had dinner with a friend who owns a successful business.

Unfortunately, he just came out of a messy divorce and hadn’t worked on his business – or create a lick of content – for months and months. 

And yet, he didn’t drop below $100,000 per month at any point.

How is this possible?

There’s an incredibly valuable lesson here. So please listen up. 

When you invest in your content for long enough, you start building equity.

That’s what my friend has – equity in his email list and in his community. 

If you keep adding value month in and month out, you’ll build a ton of equity that will future-proof your investment.

Your email lists, Facebook fans, membership communities, and all other audiences work this way.

The more quality content that you put out on a regular basis, the more stable the income that you can expect. If you can avoid bombarding people with sales offers, you can create a genuine community that will pay you back for the value that you create.

And that’s how my friend managed to consistently bring in $100k per month without working on his content. He laid down the seeds long in advance and bought himself time.


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