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3.2 Million Emails per Month (How to Plan)


How do you build an email marketing plan?

And how do you build a plan responsible for 3.2 million emails per month?

Here’s how we do it for our client… 

The secret is to be organised. 

6-8 weeks ahead of the emails being broadcasted we prepare what I call “content themes”. There are different ways to think of “content themes”. 

SEO folks think of them in terms of “root keywords”

Authors think of them as Chapter Titles. 

In any case, each content theme triggers dozens of specific email subject lines. And so, 6-8 weeks before the broadcast we…

  1. Identify our content themes (usually we have 3-4 content themes to work off)
  2. Craft dozens of subject lines

Then, we write our email content for this client. This usually takes about two weeks. Which gives us a one month buffer of email content ready to go! 

After then it’s as simple as loading each email into the system. In this case it’s a daily email so each email is loaded and scheduled to “fire” every day of the week. 

Add a soft call to action at the end of each content email and voila! You have your team being furnished with regular leads, day-in-day-out. 

It ain’t rocket science. 

But it does require organisation.


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