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32,768 Book Sales in 120 Days


I have a client who’s sold 32,768 books in just 120 days. 

Without PR or a book publisher. 

Yep, they’ve done it all their own. 


By doing 5 things: 

  1. They’ve got an awesome book title. I mean, it’s off the hook! I’m not going to tell you my client’s title because I don’t want to reveal their market. But it’s killer. 
  2. The sales page has solid sales copy.
  3. The ad campaign has solid copy, which means it drives more people to the sales page. You can see how this is all lining up, right?
  4. There’s a whole funnel behind the book purchase. The client actually loses money with each book sale. However, everyone who buys goes into a targeted funnel that eventually results in a high ROI. The book is just the foundation for the funnel.
  5. The client knows their metrics. They haven’t just published and forgotten about the book. They’re checking the numbers constantly to see what works and what doesn’t.

If you haven’t gathered now, this is some of what YOU want to think about… if you want to sell lots of books, too.

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