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$6 million per month


If you’re a fan of my work you know about a client of ours that went from $0 to $6 million per month… in just under 4 years. 

This client is obviously smart. They’ve got a great media buying team. Strong copywriters and a solid offer. 

And, like I said, we do their content. 

There’s one thing they do with their content that is a standout – I suggest to all our clients they do the same. 

Ya see, having great content is important. Sure. In fact, it’s critical. 

But what you DO with the content is almost as important. 

And of the things this client does with our content is monitor what works. 

For example: which emails get the biggest open rates and click thrus?

When they find a standout email, they copy and paste it and run it as a Facebook ad. 

But they don’t optimise it for reach i.e. they don’t just “boost” it. Boosting content – for the most part – is a suckers game (hint: there is one time to do it, but I won’t get into it here). 

Rather, they set it up as a Facebook conversion ad. 

That’s the key. 

A few times they’ve discovered a killer email that’s run for months as a Facebook ad. Which means, in their case, thousands and thousands of sales leads. 

What’s cool about this idea is you can also do it with videos, too. And, in fact, they do test their best content videos as Facebook conversion ads, too. 

And yes, once again, they’ve found some cracking winners. 


In my opinion (which is based on seeing what actually delivers results in terms of leads and sales) the single smartest, best and most sensible way to use content is…

… to turn your best content into conversion ads. 

That’s how you can make a piece of content run for months and months… and directly deliver leads and sales.

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