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67.53x Return on Facebook Ads and Content


Do you want a 67.53 times return on investment from Facebook ads and content?

That’s exactly what we achieved for one of our clients.

Let me explain. 

First and foremost, we needed a very tight message to market match.

To do this, we looked at different segments like:

  • Add to cart, not purchased, three days
  • Add to cart, not purchased, seven days (excluding three days)
  • Add to cart, not purchased, 14 days (excluding seven days)
  • Viewed products, three days
  • Viewed products, seven days (excluding three days)
  • Viewed products 14 days (excluding seven days)

And so on.

In fact, we looked at dozens and dozens of segments, but those above are a few. 

That doesn’t necessarily mean that each segment had a different message. Sometimes it did, and sometimes it didn’t.

At the very least, each segment needs to be considered on its own merits. If not, then you’ll have one message speaking to different markets. 

And that almost always leads to leakage and lower ROI. 


So pause and consider segment by segment… or your message will suffer. 

If you want to make a BIG ROI on Facebook, it’s all about content. 

And it’s about matching that content to your market.

Once you’ve done that, then it’s time to amplify it.


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