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7 Best Email Subject Lines to Use in 2019


Do you want to know the 7 best email subject lines to use in 2019?

Well, I am going to reveal them in this email, so keep reading.

These subject lines aren’t theory – they’re based on the results of hundreds of millions of emails sent by our clients and written by my team. 

Before I reveal them, here’s a tip that’ll help you write punchier subject lines instantly

And that is get more “curiosity” into your subject lines. 

Sure, strong offers and deadlines can be useful to use in emails. The problem is both of those run out of steam because your audience gets tired of seeing offers so often. 

Curiosity though… it NEVER gets boring. 

How do you create curiosity? Believe it or not, you’re already doing it! 

Just consider the differences of when you email a friend… compared to when you email your customer list. 

If you analyse the difference you’ll find your personal emails have way more curiosity. Whereas your business emails sound, well, like a business email. 

Which translates to boring! 

Go ahead and take the time to analyse your personal emails. Then compare them to your business emails. 

I promise you’ll be astounded by what you learn.

And now… the part that you have been waiting for…

Here are the 7 BEST subject lines to use in 2019.

#1: person’s name. So if you are sending an email to me, the subject line would simply say “Alexi”. That’s it. 

#2: “thank you”. 

#3, “sorry”. Be careful with that one. Some people will get aggravated and annoyed… depending on how you execute in the body of the email. 

#4: “hey.” 

#5: “where are you?” 

#6: “what are you doing about this?”

#7: “Big mistake”

“Big mistake” is interesting because people love to dwell in the misery of others.

Now… go ahead and use some of these subject lines in your emails.

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