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A Life-Changing Transformation


Over the last 10 years I’ve worked with a client with an astounding story. His name is Jon. And part of Jon’s story was losing 103 kg (approx. 220 pounds) without dieting. 

Anyway, Jon and I have done some cool things together… most notably helping him sell 400,000 copies of his book. 

But the secret of Jon’s success isn’t to do with his book, per se. It’s not to do with me, either. 

It’s to do with having an “authentic desire”. In my last email, I spoke about what this is… so if you missed it, go ahead and read it again. 

But with Jon, he didn’t write his book to make lots of money. He wrote his book because he had a message to share… based on his own life experiences, pains and frustrations. 

Jon was extremely obese for a long time. He tried everything and even worked one on one with the Dr Atkins of the Atkins Diet. 

None of that worked.

And then Jon went through his own series of learnings and experiences. He became a biomedical researcher and documented everything he learned in The Gabriel Method. It’s the method that helped him lose 103kg and keep them off.

Here’s what I am saying… 

Jon wrote it because what he discovered changed his life. And, since then, his discoveries have changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. 

This is what an “authentic desire” is all about. Its root lies in your own (or a loved ones) pain and desires. 

It shapes your intent. 

It affects your sales and marketing. 

It drives YOU forward. 

Especially when times get tough!

So, if you’re stringing too many days together where you’re questioning your work or business. 

I strongly, strongly suggest identifying YOUR authentic desire. 

If it’s purely monetary, then you and your business are on borrowed time. 

If it’s something deeper, then you may have an unstoppable force waiting to be directed!


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