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A quick and easy way to make profit from emails


Here’s a solid idea to make your emails more profitable – I use it myself. And in fact, you’ll see it in this email…

… It’s called the super signature.

Super signatures were invented by Dean Jackson, a fellow marketer from Florida.

We use the super signature at the bottom of our emails. We publish most days of the week because it’s important to continually share great content with your audience. 

It builds trust. 

The super signature allows you to get sales pitches into your daily emails without frustrating people, which is no mean feat.

But just having a super signature is not enough. You need to create a call to action in the super signature that makes people “want” to click on it.

End your signature with something like:

1. Here are four ways I can help you with…

2. Find out how to…

3. Join us for…

4. Learn how to…

A super signature is placed at the end of your email. So, if someone has read to that point, they are already interested.

Your super signature becomes one of the most useful pieces of content that you can add to your emails to generate sales and profit from your emails.


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