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All About Value


In my last email, I introduced my copywriting mentor, Parris. In my opinion, Parris is the greatest copywriting teacher in history. And, one of the top 2 or 3 greatest copywriters that has ever lived. 

Which is why, in this email, I am going to dissect one of his pieces – in fact, it’s a piece he was paid over $1 million. 

The sales promo has the headline:

‘How Doctors Stay Well While Treating Sick People All Day’

Right away, he came up with a headline that most of us at some point have wondered! 

But more than that. 

When this promo was in circulation, nobody else in the client’s market had written about the subject before! So the headline met two criteria:

  1. it answered a question most of us ask
  2. nobody else had answered it before

Bam! You have the hallmarks of an attention getting headline!

The rest of this sales piece continues to debunk common myths. Then, in the body of the sales letter, there are “mini-articles” that have amazing content in them. 

Stuff like… 

‘Doctors secret number one, the cold and flu remedy that fights cancer.’

‘The magic pill that reverses clogged arteries in just two hours.’

You get the idea…

The point is, the sales piece itself is a valuable piece of content that can change lives! As I mentioned in my last email, at least half the sales piece had ONLY content in it.


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