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Amplify Via Ads


I’m about to share one of the best pieces of advice that I’m ever going to give you.

Let’s say that you have a piece of content that’s an absolute outlier. For whatever reason, it resonates with your audience. You have tons of people reading, sharing, and engaging with the piece.

It stands head and shoulders above everything else that you’ve created.

What do you do with it next? No… you don’t pat yourself on the back. 

The smartest thing that you can do with that content is to turn it into an ad.

Look at the creative and figure out how you can turn it into a “conversion event”.

Now…what do I mean by that?

When you create a conversion event, you’re asking your audience to take an action. That could be opting into a report or registering for a webinar. 

Just don’t waste the piece.

Don’t put it to one side after seeing how successful it is. You’ve caught lightning in a bottle here. There’s something about this content that your audience loves.

Amplify it using ads.

Rework the content and create a conversion event that focuses on it.

If you can get ad creative that works really well, you’ll get months of mileage out of your most successful pieces of content. And ultimately, it’s through your conversion events that you’ll generate your highest levels of ROI from your content.

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