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An Awesome Tip to Build Your Email List FAST


Building your email list is one thing…

Building your email list quickly is another…

Okay, so let’s go through how to do this…

This works an absolute treat! And it’s an interesting twist on Facebook Lead Ads. 

This is currently the fastest way I know to generate results from content marketing… and from Facebook in particular.  

A Facebook Lead Ad is normally used to generate consultations and discovery calls.

So we tried something different.

We ran a Facebook Lead Ad to a blog post. 

i.e. people had to share their name, email and phone number before they could see the blog post. 

How is this different from making people opt in to a landing page? 

Good question. 

The difference is they share their details whilst remaining on the Facebook platform. Which means their details are pre-populated. Which in turn means more people click the “submit” button. 

And then we just redirect them to the blog post.

This is a great way to get email addresses for your articles… and it works almost instantly.

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