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Beating the competition


We all want to win. 

We all want our target audience to pay attention to us… and not our competition. Especially when we release content or launch campaigns.

In a world where attention is getting scarce, this is already challenging. But you can absolutely break through the clutter… if you’re smart 🙂

In fact, I faced that challenge eight years ago.

At that time, I was still writing direct response sales copy for clients.

I wrote a sales piece for a vision supplement. The eye market is a competitive, tough market. And I was going up against some stiff copywriting competition.

When I was planning out the content I knew I needed an awesome big idea… otherwise nobody would give the content any attention. 

I also needed to say something different and more believable.

As I was digging through research papers and studies, I found something. It was a note that had to do with a Nobel Prize-winning scientist making a certain discovery.

But that discovery had nothing to do with eye health. So I was stuck with thinking of a way to connect that discovery… with the problems of my audience. 

After hours and hours of research and deep thinking, I had my breakthrough. 

And the headline…

How a Nobel Prize Winner’s Discovery Led To a Breakthrough In Eye Health

And here’s what’s really cool. 

Just recently – 8 years later – I received that promo in the mail. 

Yep, it’s still making money for our client 8 friggin years later!

Think about that for a second. 

I was able to make that sales piece stand out for years by using unbeatable authority – The Nobel Prize. 

What I’m trying to say is this.

The proof is in the pudding. It’s all about authority.

If you don’t have authority, go and find it.

It’ll help you beat the competition every time.


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