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Borrowing authority


Today’s email is going to be a quick one. And I’ll kick it off with a question… 

Can you position your content as an authority piece… if you’re not an authority yourself?

Yep, you can. 

And you do so by using the “Halo effect.”

That’s what my good friend did. By the time he was 30 years old he had 18 bestselling books under his belt. 

And every single book was a series of book interviews with experts on subjects such as real estate investing… the stock market and so on. 

My friend, at the time, didn’t have authority. But by putting himself beside authority figures, their status translated to him. 

And the rest is history. 

Today he runs an 8 figure company and nets a 7 figure amount. More than that, if I told you the amount of hours he works (or doesn’t work) you’d be stunned. 

And part of his success is the “Halo Effect”. 

What’s my point here?

You can use the “Halo Effect” many different ways. 

If you have a podcast, invite guests with status. 

If you have a blog, tell stories about celebrities that your market looks up to. 

You get the picture… 

Don’t think for a second that you can’t borrow authority. You can. I’m not saying it’s easy to get authority figures on a podcast or to contribute to your book. 

It’s not. They’re getting pitched all the time. 

But it’s possible. 

Ya just have work work hard to chase them down! 

It’s worth it, though…

As you may know, I have a letter from Warren Buffett inviting me to Berkshires AGM. Pretty cool, right? 

Well, I’ve been trumpeting that since 2003!

I am not sure how much impact it does for me nowadays. But I can tell in the beginning it absolutely helped me win clients.


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