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When NEVER to discount


My wife and I visited a nearby wine region the other day. 

The sun was shining… skies were blue and we were smiling from ear to ear. 

One of the places we visited was an olive farm – acres and acres of olive groves. 


Next to the counter was a sign that said “Olive Oil 25% Off”. 

Instead of rushing to take advantage of the sale, I was skeptical. 


There wasn’t a reason why. 

Why was it discounted by 25%? Did the label had a typo? Or a misprint? 

Is the expiry date coming up?

They didn’t explain it… and so I didn’t buy. 

And for all I know, the oil may have been in pristine condition. 


Give a “reason why” with your discounts. This is especially true if you sell any type of premium product. Make sure the reason is honest. 

If you screwed up and ordered too many, admit that. 

If you used the wrong adhesive and the label are peeling off, admit that. 

If the expiry is coming up, yes, admit that!


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