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Can You Use One Content Piece 19 Times?


A question…

How do you make one piece of content do the work of 3 pieces… 5 pieces… even 19?

Well, here’s how we do it for ourselves and our clients. 

What you’re about to read is going to save you hundreds of hours (plus, in all likelihood, make you a pretty penny). 

First, we create a foundational piece of content. 

In our case, usually it’s an article. 

Second, depending on how that article is structured, we can usually pull 4 emails from that article. 

We grab the best chunks of the article (it’s a simple copy and paste). Then our team will top and tail it and make it a stand alone piece. 


If the content chunk from the article is great content, then we have a great content email (without writing a new email from scratch). 


Once the email is done, our writing team tweak it and make it a video script. Then it’s passed onto our video production team to finalise. 

It doesn’t end there. 

We go back to the article and pull up to 10 “quote card” posts for social, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc., 

Let’s tally up what we’ve done…

From one article we’ve produced:

  • Up to 4 emails
  • Up to 4 videos (each email is turned into a video)
  • Up to 10 social posts

If my maths are correct, we have 19 pieces of content in total. 

But it doesn’t end there…

In my company’s case, we have a basic reposting schedule…

… if a piece of content goes on any social platform today, it gets automatically reposted in 30 days and 180 days. 

… if an email has an open rate of 30% or higher, it is automatically broadcasted again 6 months later. 

Result: one article can yield 80 or 90 repurposed pieces over the next 6 months. 

My friend, this is magic and I’ll tell you why. 

30 days after you start this process, your first reposting trigger kicks in. Which means if you’re continuing to craft content week by week, you start to get an awesome buffer of content in your pipeline. 

This means your content machine becomes 100% proactive, instead of reactive.


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