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Cold Emails


I have three golden rules for sending cold emails:

  1. Keep it short. Nobody wants to read a long and rambling email from somebody they’ve never met before.
  2. Evidence is key. Your email needs to offer some proof that you can solve a problem. This is where a really strong signature or PS can make you stand out.
  3. It has to be relevant. Again, this is where your PS or signature comes in. That has to contain something relevant for your cold audience to latch onto.

Let me explain. 

We have a client in the accounting space who does a great job of creating relevance.

Every item in his PS hits on a pain point that accountants experience. That means they see something that matters to them, even if the email itself doesn’t cover everything.

But what about when emailing people on your email list? Do those rules above apply?

No… not as much. In fact, in some ways you can flip them on their head!

Why? Because you’re emailing people that you’ve already spoken to.

There’s already a relationship there so you’re not trying to break down a barrier. 

This means you can go deeper with your emails. 

You can go longer and you can even write emails in a series.


When it comes to cold emails, being pithy and hitting a hot button is key. Follow those golden rules above and you will be safe. 

When it comes to emails to your inhouse list though, you can stretch your legs. You can go deeper with your content.

Quality content is the key for the people that you’ve already established a relationship with. 

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