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Content for Startups


For a start-up, it’s really hard to justify a content marketing plan.

Why? Because results from content take a while to kick in. When you’re a start up, you need clients through the door. 

They hear someone like Gary V preach the Gospel of content but meanwhile they need to pay bills. 

But it’s wrong. 

And it’s why I created the Content Hacking Formula.

Even though it’s designed for ALL companies of ALL sizes, the formula gives start-ups a way to accelerate the results from content marketing.

Content Hacking is about three things:

  1. Great content.
  2. Using funnels.
  3. Amplifying your content, be it through ads, SEO, or whatever.

So, what I am saying is, you need to combine content with funnels and paid ads. That’s how you get fast results. 

But when you’re starting out, you need to be sensible with your money allocation. 

That’s where budgets matter. 

As you know, every start-up needs to have a budget. Every company needs a budget. But, ironically, whilst start ups need budgets the most they’re often the ones that don’t have them!

Anyway, here’s my point…

When you’re setting your budget – whether as a start up or mature business – you need to allocate money to content. 

Now, a start-up isn’t going to be able to spend as much on content marketing as an established business. 

But you need something.

You need to start building a foundation of quality content. As importantly, you need to start developing processes and routines around your content marketing.

And, of course, you need to have at least one funnel. 

There’s no denying that content is a slow burn at first. But once it starts to kick in and reach critical mass, it can become your most profitable client generation tool.

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