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Create Instant Credibility


There are two ways to create instant credibility.

#1: Use Weight of Evidence. 

#2: The Dramatic Demonstration.

Let’s talk about The Dramatic Demonstration first. 

Have you heard of a YouTube channel called “Blendtec’s Will It Blend?”

If not, check out one of their videos here:

They are famous for demonstrating how strong their blenders are. The company blends things like an iPhone or Amazon Kindle. And these electronics get obliterate!

I remember the first time I saw them on YouTube. 

I thought, “Holy moly! Those are quality blenders!”

But get this…

To come to that conclusion, I didn’t read any specifications.

There were no sales letters.

No videos.

No pitch of the product.

All I saw was a tech gadget get destroyed! And then, automatically, I concluded that they sold a quality product. 

What a perfect  example of a dramatic demonstration.


The other way to create instant credibility is with Weight of Evidence.

Let me explain. 

So, there’s a website I like to show clients. When you go to this website they have a link on the nav bar called “references”.

When you click on it, you’re not greeted with 5 testimonials. 

Or 10 testimonials. 

Not even 50. 

You’re greeted with hundreds and hundreds of testimonials!

Usually when I take a client through this page, I ask “What do you think of this company?”

And almost always people say “Wow… they’re really good at what they do!”

Keep in mind they usually don’t know what the company sells lol. 

But that’s the power of “weight of evidence”. 


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