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Customising Autoresponders


Ever had an autoresponder sequence that didn’t get the results you expected? Of course you have. 

Email after email going out to your list… and then, crickets!

Why does that happen? Sure it might be because your content isn’t very good. It might be because you don’t email your list enough and therefore don’t have much of a relationship. 

Or… it could be something you’ve likely never considered before and that is… 

You didn’t account for people at different stages in their buying cycle. 

Here’s the thing… 

Some of the people on your list are miles away from buying. For those people, do NOT pitch. 

For others on your list, they’re waiting to spend money with you… they NEED an offer. So offer them something!

But how can you know the difference?

Let me show you one of the ways we do it with our book writing service. 

We email that list good, juicy content every two days. Then every 21 days we send out a 9 word email. 

For example, one 9 word email says:

‘Do you want to get started with your book this month?’

If someone replies with “yes”, they go into our Active Campaign… and a “Deal” is automatically created to organise a time to chat. And that’s where our team follows up with that person to organise a time in the schedule. 

If they don’t reply, then guess what? They keep receiving our content only i.e. no offer for a chat. 

Simple, huh?

But it works!

Oh yes, it works!

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