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Designing a Content Plan


Ever heard of BuzzSumo? 

Even if you know how to use it, you’ll want to keep reading since many people use it the wrong way.

If you don’t already know, BuzzSumo is an awesome platform that gives you the most viral content for any keyword.

Most people simply type in a keyword and get content ideas from there. But that’s not the right path.

BuzzSumo doesn’t give ideas – it gives themes.

Let me explain with a client’s example.

We’re working with and creating content for a property developer. 

For this, we type in the most generic keyword: property developing. 

But we don’t look for specific ideas for content. We look for themes. In this case, we see the most viral topics centre around “property development news”.

In this case, that’s our theme. 

Another example is our client in the weight loss space. Again, we type in “weight loss” into Buzz Sumo… and we see amongst the viral articles are stories of people losing weight. 

We have our theme – “weight loss success stories”. 

What’s great about this approach is one theme can trigger HUNDREDS of topics. So it’s astounding leverage. It helps us plan out a content plan for upwards of 6 months!

All of this takes under seven minutes but you can come up with plenty of fresh ideas for high-quality content.


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