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Do You Want to Know How to Create Your Own PR?


You won’t believe how many times I get asked how I do my own PR.

The good news is that it’s easier than ever before. This is because a lot of the social platforms will show you what’s trending.

A big part of PR is using the existing momentum of trending topics.

The other day we’re speaking to a company who is the leading company for a certain type of marketing paraphernalia.

As we were brainstorming their content framework, I said to the gentleman, “Geez, you’ve created content for almost every brand name company in the world. What you should be doing is utilizing those brands.” 

For example, one of the companies or the organizations that he’s worked for is the government department in this country that helps keep drugs away from kids.

So I told him to create his own PR.

How did I tell him this is done? It’s really simple:

  1. Keep an eye daily on trending topics related to drug abuse by teenagers
  2. Whenever that pops up, then jump on that trending story
  3. Very softly segue to the marketing paraphernalia you created for that government department
  4. Hold it up and show it on camera
  5. Don’t make it a pitch for your item
  6. Talk about the government organization
  7. Urge them to get one of your pamphlets (or other paraphernalia)
  8. Talk about how it is loaded with useful tips

And so, if it’s done in a tasteful, tasteful manner – that’s the key to this – this gentleman has dozens of opportunities a month to enter existing trending topics.

You can also create your own PR by using the same principles above. It is a huge opportunity to be constantly in the media doing your own PR.


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