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Doing Your Own PR


It’s never been this easy to do your own PR.

And If you’re wondering how to do it, check out this story.

It can be this easy…

A client decided to dovetail a product launch with a mainstream TV show their audience watches. 

So, to do their own PR, we helped them pick up hashtags and trending topics related to the TV show. And we’re creating videos… emails… social posts and articles related to these trending topics. 

Result? Traffic… virtually for FREE.

Voila! This is one way to do your own PR. 

It’s still early days but I know what’s going to happen. 

There will be some degree of virality, for sure.

Our message is going to get picked up by other platforms. From there, it’ll go to other people on more platforms. 

And possibly even media outlets across the Internet, too.

This method works because social platforms make it easy to see topics that are trending. Then, just like traditional PR, you want to craft narratives that enter the slipstream of today’s news. 

How do you quickly and easily find what’s trending?

Use a tool like BuzzSumo, Google Trends, or Twitter trending topics.


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