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El Chapo’s Wife’s Instagram Account


So, recently I was watching El Chapo on Netflix. 

Great show. 

But then I was floored to discover his wife actually has an Instagram account.

How crazy is that?

The wife of probably the most notorious drug lord in history opens up to the world on social media.

She doesn’t post much, but she’s still active enough.


I believe that there’s a lesson here for all of us to learn, especially if you’re running a business.

We need to stop thinking about social media in the same way that we did 5-10 years ago.

Today, everyone is on social. And this will remain the case in the future, I suspect. 

No matter your business, you must be present on social media. 


If you’re not, you practically don’t exist. Nobody will know anything about you unless you go out there and spread the word.

Now, there are all sorts of questions that you need to ask if you want to do this. You need to consider the right platform, you approach, and stuff like that.

But that’s a topic for another day.

Right now, I want you to go out there and start boosting your social media presence like your life depends on it. 

Your success definitely does.


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