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Email Is King


Some time ago, I had coffee with a client of mine. We started talking about Facebook, which he relies on heavily in his marketing.

I asked him what would happen if Facebook were to shut down his account… and could never advertise again. 

The client gave me an answer that you probably don’t expect. He told me that he wasn’t afraid much at all.

Sure, it would rock his boat a bit, but he estimates he’ll still generate millions of dollars for the next two years minimum with…  

… his email list. 

His email list is huge. And his relationship to his list is solid. Plus, he knows how to market to it. 

And that’s the point that I want to get across.

Email is still a killer channel! If anyone tells you that it’s dead, don’t listen to them.

I promise you they have no idea – not a clue – what they’re talking about. 

I know what I’m talking about. 

Millions of people read the emails my team write every month. Not just for ourselves but the emails we write for our clients… who in turn send the content to their lists. 

Bottom line: I know what’s working and email is still crushing it in 2020!

What I love most about email?

Your email list is something very much still in your control. Sure you’ve got to deal with spam regulations and your content ending up in Gmail’s “promotions” folder. 

But it’s nothing compared to the B.S. ya gotta deal with on Facebook’s platform!

For the most part, email gives you a lot of control and something you can lean on when other things stop working .

So build your list… and nurture your list with great content. 

Just like I am now 🙂

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