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The One


Today, I want to talk about a concept called The One.

A few days ago, I had lunch with my cousin. He’s a quite successful sort of guy. He pretty much doesn’t work anymore and spends most of his time just mucking about.

So, we were talking about business and I asked him who had really impressed him in his life. We went through a range of different people that impressed him. 

But then he stopped and said, “You know what Alexi? There was one guy that used to work for me that really, really impressed me. I gave him little to no training. I think he may have even had a criminal record. But boy oh boy – he could run a team and projects like nobody else. And whenever I put a poor crew with him, they’d improve. If I gave him a great crew, they’d do even better.”

He was “The One.”


It’s not necessarily about building a company complete with A players… or filled entirely with great people. 

Sure, that’s awesome if you can pull it off. 

But more important is to find The One – that special person that is a leader and can lift the performance of groups of people. 

That’s leverage!

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