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Explosive results from content


I want to delve a little deeper into the subject of funnels and content. More specifically, I want to address the common thought that content alone generates leads.

It’s true – content can generate leads. But for most companies it’s a half truth. 

Let me explain. 

The other day, I was on a call with a client and we were talking about the interplay between content, her funnel, and her paid ads.

Here’s a bit about her situation:

She has a very well-known brand in the coaching and seminar space. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, she let her social following and email lists languish over the years. Now, she wants to fill out and have a thousand sales a year from people that spend three and a half grand with her. 

As we’re running through the numbers, she says, “What content do we need to do to get that outcome?”

What a GREAT question. But it’s not a complete question. 

Why? It pre-supposes that content on its own is all that’s needed to get to the goal. 

Whereas the reality of the situation is this – how you use your content is almost as important as the quality of the content. 

So, here’s a point blank rule I want you to stamp onto your mind… 

Content is best used as a supporting activity for your paid media and funnels.

Unless you already have a huge social following, it doesn’t function well as a leading activity.

Sorry Gary V. Ya got this one wrong.

I know for a fact the reality is business owners (not kids and kids) do NOT have time to produce 100 pieces per day of content… and hope it gets traction. 

For 99% of businesses, it won’t. 

That is, unless, you get smart and listen to what I am saying: produce content so that it supports funnels and ads. 

Do that… and then, my friend, you can get immediate response from content. And the results can be big. 

In fact, we have one client that does exactly this… and he’s gone from $0 in sales to $6 million per month in just a few short years. 

That’s a man that has his priorities straight!

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