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Facebook Pixel vs. Brand Awareness


Should you train your Facebook Pixel to focus on increasing your brand awareness? Or should you train it for conversions?

My answer: it depends.

We have a few clients with huge budgets… and a Pixel so honed that they can target an entire country. 

No audience targeting whatsoever.

And they’re getting incredible results.

How is that possible?

There’s a few reasons…

It’s partly because they do all sorts of savvy things AFTER someone enquires. This includes building a killer sales team. 

But what if you don’t have all of that in place? 

Then this can get problematic. This is especially true if you can’t find a great sales team. 

Bottom line: if you can’t sell – or worse, the word “sell” is more akin to a 4 letter word for you – then probably best you focus on brand building. 

Let’s say you set up a Pixel for an “event”. An “event” could be a live event… or it could be a “discovery call”. 

Anyway, let’s say you get a bunch of people to come in but very few of them buy.

Why? Well, part of the reason is because they don’t trust you.

They haven’t seen your content so they don’t have an opinion of you.

This is where brand awareness shines. You might need to get yourself in people’s minds before you can expect them to buy from you.


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