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Fubbi Initiatives


Does this sound familiar…

You’re juggling too many projects and you’re scared that you’re going to drop the ball on one of them.

Guess what?

We all are.

Every one of us tends to try to bite off more than we can chew. The trick is to find a way to manage all of those projects so none of them slip through the cracks.

Let me show you what I do. 

I have a ridiculously simple spreadsheet for this called “Fubbi Initiatives”.

This spreadsheet has four or five tabs on it. For example, there’s one for lead generation where I list the two or three most important initiatives. I have another for more content strategy systems, again with a couple of important initiatives listed.

The key here is that I’m only listing the most important initiatives for each tab. I have other ideas floating about. But I’m going to let them burn for a while so I can focus on the most important stuff.

Now, I got this idea from Reid Hoffman, who’s the co-founder of LinkedIn. He talks about what happened when PayPal started to explode in growth. They’d got to the point where they received 10,000 customer complaints per month

But the PayPal team let that issue burn for months and months.

They solved the more important stuff first.

Then, when it was time to focus on customer care, they set up a call centre and solved the problem.

You’ve got to let the less important things burn until you solve the most crucial stuff.

The Fubbi Initiative spreadsheet helps me highlight the super important stuff.


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