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Gary V: How Much Content Is Too Much?


Building on Gary V’s secrets from my last email…

As you may know, he says people should create 100 content pieces… per day!

When most people hear this, they freak right the #%# out lol. 

And rightly so. But they’re misunderstanding what he means. 

100 content pieces don’t mean 100 articles or blog posts or even videos. 

Gary is talking about 100 pieces of digestible content, most of which you can whip up in a hurry. 

How long does it take to pose a question to your Facebook group?

How long does it take to share a meme?

How long does it take to upload a photo of something  you’re noting on your whiteboard?


Then, of course, there’s Instagram stories – what an innovation. It’s one of the few channels where you can publish 30 items per day and never, ever irritate anybody. 

Twitter is the same. 

Which is what Gary is really talking about. And it goes back to what I said in my last email about building a brand. 

That’s the end game for Gary. And since you can create your own content for free. And since you can distribute that content for free. He’s saying you should go to town. 

Why the heck not?

Sure, if you want to make your stuff more professional looking you can work with a company like ours. But it’s not essential.


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