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Get More Emails Opened


If you do email marketing, you know it’s getting tougher to get ROI.

It largely has to do with the low rate of opened emails.

How do you fight against this?

Up your game!

And one way to up your game is to up your subject lines. Here are some killer subject lines:

  • RE: Checking
  • Keen
  • Thanks
  • Got a sec?

Notice some commonalities there?

They’re snappy, inviting, and intriguing.

They don’t reveal the actual subject of the email. And they don’t have to. 

The goal of these subject lines is just to get you to open them.

And they certainly work.

But why?

If you look at these subject lines, you’ll notice that they look a lot like something you might receive from a friend.

Actually, see for yourself. 

I suggest you go through your inbox and try separating emails from your friends and those from companies. 

You’ll notice a huge difference.


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