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Getting Paid Upfront


Does the cash flow in your business suck?

If it does, listen up.  

Sure, you’ve got options like debt financing and equity financing. Those are fine if you want a quick injection of cash that will probably cost you later.

But there might be a better way… and that is have your clients inject the cash you need!

That’s one of our clients did… 

In their industry, clients typically don’t pay for three or four months after buying their service.

They basically pay on delivery.

This was wreaking havoc with their cashflow and making it tough to scale their paid ads. 

But this couple took the ballsy step of asking their clients to pay upfront. They say…

“Here’s the way it works. You pay the $15,000 today, and then we go do x, y, and z. If we don’t get results for you within 30 days, we will refund the $15,000.”

As far as I’m aware, they’re the ONLY ones in their industry making this offer. 

Now here’s the thing.

Let’s say one in every 10 of the couple’s clients ask for a refund. That’s still given the couple 30 days to use that money to advertise and get new clients.

And right now their ad campaigns are pulling 10:1 return on investment i.e. spend $10k get back $100k. 

So their clients are financing their growth. 

Think about it. This idea won’t work in ALL businesses. But I promise it can work in more businesses than you realise.

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