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Great Content is Brand Familiarity


Ever struggled with trying to get people to buy from you?

Silly question, right?

We’ve ALL run into this challenge. 

And we all know that someone who has been on your email list for a long while – or followed you on social – is usually a better lead than someone cold. 

But it’s easy to forget this fact!

Just a few days ago I had a chat about her email list. It’s an extensive, well maintained list so we had to approach it the right way. 

During our chat, I showed her a funnel for a company in the same space. This company generated thousands of sales leads with a very simple funnel.

It went like this:

Facebook ads – Article – Quiz 

She was thinking that maybe she should do the same thing, but this is what I told her:

“Look, it worked for this particular company and this funnel. Actually, I know for a fact, they killed it. But there’s a downside. Remember these people clicked on a Facebook ad… then went straight to an article. Some people will wanna speak to the sales people, whether they read the article, or not! Which means you’ll have some variability in quality of lead that you’ll need to deal with.”

I gave her food for thought. 

Because here’s the thing… 

You may get a lead that fits the full profile of the kind of lead you need. In other words, they may be in the right industry… have the appropriate income… and have all the necessary challenges that you can solve. 

And UNLESS you’re strong on sales, you might still struggle to convert them. 


Because they don’t know and trust your brand – yet. 

Which is where content can be such a boon. 

So just keep that in mind… if you’re struggling to convert sales. You either:

  1. Need to ramp up your sales skills (never a bad idea)
  2. Slow down and don’t sell to people too soon – give them time to experience some of your awesomeness over email and social.

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