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Growing Sales Fast Is Silly


It’s the dream…

Build a high converting funnel and then drive lots of traffic to it with paid ads. 

I’ve seen this many times. Made it happen heaps of times, too. 

But should YOU do it?

Many people have the mindset that fast sales growth is a good thing. The exact opposite is often true.

If you grow too fast, it can lead to an incredible array of problems down the line.

Think about this…

You find a converting funnel and design to convert from paid ads.

This is great news, right?

But what if you don’t have enough product on hand? And a manufacturing lead time of 4, 5 or even 6 months?

What if your website crashes due to all the traffic?

What if you don’t have all the requisite tracking correctly setup… meaning you’re not getting full visibility into how quickly you get ROI?

Well, guess what: I’ve made ALL these mistakes! And it ain’t pretty. 

It’s easy to play the “what if” game, I know.

But my point is that you need to always have an eye into the future.

Yes, it seems nice to grow quickly.  But you need to account for the future.

Things break if you grow too fast. And if you grow really fast? Things REALLY break.

Make sure you have the appropriate infrastructure and staff in place before you grow.


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