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Hack the System


Back when I was in school, I achieved the highest marks in the school’s history in economics.

You’re already wondering what this has to do with sales, right?

Just hear me out!

Now, I really enjoyed economics and I wanted to do well in it. Finally, exam time loomed and I intuitively realised something that’s super important.

Success in an exam isn’t about getting the answer correct.

It’s about giving the person who’s marking the exam what they want to hear.

So I reached out to the head of the department and asked him a simple question:

What do you need to see in this exam to give a perfect score?

…And he told me!

He talked to me about the subjects I should cover and whose research he really liked. 

And I just shut up, listened, and took what he told me to prepare for the exam.

Lo and behold, the exams came along and I crushed them.

Now, here’s the juicy bit of advice that you came for.

You have to know what your customer wants before you can sell anything to them. With my exam, I basically sold the head of the department what he wanted.

Your customers want specific things too.

Find out what they are and dial in on them. Keep providing them with what they want and they’re going to buy from you.


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