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How do you get over 601 sales using email?


So, you’re looking for a way to boost your sales through email?

Okay, so let me show you. 

So, this is an example that we worked on for my good friend (not a client, full disclosure) Kerwin Rae. 

Those of you that are offshore (outside of Australia) may not know who Kerwin is. 

Kerwin is a business maven with a following of almost a million people on Facebook. 

And not too long ago, we reworked his email sequence that invites people to each flagship event – The Fast Growth Summit…

…And the result was 600 PLUS extra registrations for his event. 

How the heck did we do it? 

Here’s what happened…

First, we improved Kerwin’s subject lines. 

Second, we reworked his emails so they opened with more specific proof. 

That’s it!

I know it sounds simple, and it is. But it’s also powerful. 

In fact, let me take you through two of the subject lines we used. 

For one of his emails we used “contact first name”. In other words, if the person’s name is Alexi… then that is what appeared in the subject line – just the name Alexi”.  

That is the best subject line ever discovered in all of my 20 years copywriting career. 

Next one is “sorry.” Another big winner… that never, ever fails. 

Just don’t overdo it. 

So there you go.

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