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How Do You Make Content Go Viral?


The other day, Will Smith popped up on my Instagram feed. The dude posts awesome content that really makes me laugh. 

One particular post was about an artist who creates incredible art with Rubik’s Cubes. He makes portraits out of hundreds of them and they truly look fascinating.

The portrait was one of Will Smith, so that’s why he shared it.

Then when I looked at other portrait’s he’d done, I saw one of The Rock. 

And right as rain, when I visited The Rock’s Instagram, what did I see? 

The Rock shared the portrait on HIS feed, too. 

Now, Will Smith has about 36.6 million followers. The Rock has 155 million. 

Imagine the exposure that the artist got from just those two posts.

There’s a valuable lesson here that I want you to learn.

You can make your content go viral simply by targeting influencers.

They don’t have to be Will Smith or The Rock, just anyone who matters in your niche and who has a big following.

I’ve never seen anything more effective for creating viral content.

So, if you want to become popular on social media, go ahead and reach out to influencers. Draw their attention and you’ll gain a ton of traction.


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