How much content should you post? | Fubbi

How much content should you post?


People ask me how much content they should post all of the time.

It’s a tough question to answer because it’s going to vary depending on your industry. 

But there is one deniable truth. 

You can only find the quality content by pushing out quantity. 

I’ll explain why in a moment. 

For you, that means a post or two per month on social media isn’t going to cut it. You need to post enough content that you’re getting useful feedback. 

Let’s call 20 posts per month the absolute minimum. 

If you’re doing anything less than that, you may as well not bother.

The reason you want to post at least 20 pieces is that it allows you to see which pieces of content get traction.

Out of those 20 posts, you may only have one or two that strike a chord. But that’s okay because now you’ve got a better idea of what your audience wants to see from you.

You’re going to look at those two posts and figure out what else you can write on the same subject.

On top of that, you’re going to start looking into ways to repurpose that content into ads. That’s an email (or conversation) for another time. But I promise you that you will get some real mileage out of ads that come from content that resonated.

Just remember that your audience is the ultimate judge.

You’re doing this for them, so post quantity and let the market dictate what quality is.

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