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How Much Content Should You Produce?


A client of ours has a target audience of approx 3000 people.

It’s a very specialist space.

Recently the client asked me – “Alexi, I’m not sure why we need so much content. We can just pick up the phone and reach out to them. We can send them direct mail, too.”

I said – “Look, you need that too. In fact, that’s probably what’s going to drive most of your sales. But here’s the thing – nowadays, if you want to establish yourself as a market leader, not having a presence on social is distrusting. So is not updating the content on your blog.”

The second thing I said to him was:

“You want to build your social networks of your target audience. So, while you’re speaking to these people on the phone your content is silently working in the background to build trust.”

And that’s the key. 

Because I will tell you one undeniable fact…

Someone who has interacted with even a few pieces of content is a MUCH better lead than someone who knows nothing about you. 

This means your sales conversion will go up. It also means your sales cycle will shorten.


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